The charitable work of Sufa Steven Mamman

Please permit us to share the charitable work of a remarkable and shy but philanthropic friend, Sufa Steven Mamman. We think we should be celebrating the modest personal contributions our people are making towards education. Sufa is one of the founding members of this movement, NAM.

He single handedly transformed some schools in his hometown, Takum, Taraba State. The first one is Sufa Primary School, Takum, Taraba state. And a secondary school called Gamina Secondary School, Sufa, Takum, Taraba state. POP:150. He is providing these schools with chairs and desks, maths sets, books and other writing materials free of charge. Please see pictures attached. (Don’t get confused with his name, Sufa. He was named after his hometown being the descendent of the founders of the village).

He does not publicise all his good works over the years which he self-funds by donating a potion of his salary every month. Amazing! We think we should be showing these kind of wonderful gestures out so it may inspire others to do the same. We remember, Alh. Yusuf Kankiya, during our webinar advised us to visit our old schools to see how we can help. Imagine if every member of this platform makes this sacrifice in his or her former schools. This movement is driven by the actions and efforts we are making to educate people rather than just discussion. We want us all to be like #Sufa

Thank you for reading.